Brexit – the trouble is it means many differing things to the Brexiters

The BBC has the story of the latest Tory MP to resign over Brexit – see link above.

The trouble is the Brexiters did not and still do not have anything like a common platform via which they can pursue their many, varied and indeed conflicting objectives.

Of course our Prime Minister has told us that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, which is about all she has had to say on the matter in public. She does that because she understands that it means massively differing things but wants to keep all Brexiters on board. However, that’s like trying to keep the supporters of 100 different football teams supporting football generally when the majority of them are actually going to see their beloved team relegated whether it plays well or not.

And what of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, well they half heartedly supported staying in the EU and now seem to half heartedly support leaving it! Personally I think Corbyn has had a bad press but the poor fellow does not seem to have any idea which way he wants Labour to go with the EU.

So what does Brexit mean? Well that’s like trying to define infinity!