Stop reading the news?

Mark Pack has the article/book review on his web site – see link below:-

Well firstly, I stopped reading national newspapers a long time ago. My only exception is 2 or 3 times a year, if I know I’m going to have a long time to kill for some reason, I will purchase a copy of the i.

I take the view that newspapers, whilst they can be informative, are quite often used to peddle the views and prejudices of their owners and if you read them for long enough those views and prejudices will more than likely become your own! I always take with a pinch of salt anyone starting a conversation with the phrase ‘I read it in the Daily Mail, The Express etc. etc. They may well ‘agree’ with whatever they read in their newspaper of choice but seem not to have realised that they have been fed a story, which fits with their prejudices but which may well be far away from reality.

I also hate news (and TV news comes into this as well) which tells me something but gives little or no background as to why and how it happened. Sound bite news I call it and it’s worse than useless.