Bootle – Howitzer your day?

Defending Bootle from.....

The army were out with artillery next to Bootle’s soon and very sadly to be closing M&S store last week but what were they doing, defending or indeed attacking? A few possibilities:-

* Were they there to ‘advise’ protestors about the dangers of trying to stop M&S from closing?

* Were they there (at Sefton Council’s behest?) to fire a salute to Bootle’s very own UKIP national leader in waiting Paul Nuttall?

* Were they there to take pot-shots at joy riders on scrambler bikes who seem to like riding through the Strand shopping centre malls?

* Were they there at the behest of Bootle Labour Party as they try to defend a visiting Jeremy Corbyn from Labour’s civil war?

Or was the show of military power simply about recruiting local youngsters for the Army?

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Scrambler bikes destroying the peace of Sefton’s lovely countryside

The Liverpool Echo has the stories – see links above

There is no doubt in my mind that Sefton Borough has long had a problem with anti-social people riding scrambler bikes in our beautiful places and now even in an indoor shopping centre! That’s not to say that Merseyside Police have been ignoring the problem because they have had a number of successes in tracking the dangerous riders down.

In the East Parishes part of the Borough the tow path of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the Cheshire Lines Path and Jubilee Woods all suffer from scrambler bikes being ridden at speed and with no regard for the the safety of walkers.

Merseyside Police, despite their very limited resources are to be commended for trying to tackle this problem. Let’s hope they confiscate more bikes for the crusher!

Bootle and its history wall

You know when you walk past something so often that it just becomes a part of the background well that recently happened to me until someone said ‘What’s that history wall all about in the Strand? It’s asking for people to share their memories of WW1 but there will be hardly anyone who can do that’.

Bootle's history wall 05 2015

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Well the wall remains blank despite being on the shop unit for 6 months or more now but if you think about it anyone with memories of WW1 would have to be well over 100 years old now.

I posted on this site last year about Bootle’s WW1 Pop-Up shop/Museum (see link below) and my recollection is that the memory wall appeared around the same time.

I wonder what those who put the memory wall up intended?

The view from Bootle Wood

View from Bootle Wood r

Seen from Stanley Road Bootle, Liverpool. The trees were planted a few years ago along Stanley Road to green up this brick, concrete and tarmac urban environment. Sadly, last year a whole row of these trees outside the Strand Shopping Centre were stripped of their bark. Let’s hope those who care nothing for our environment do not strike again.

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Bootle – New owners for down at heel Strand Shopping Centre

I have commented previously (see link below) on the problems that the Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle is facing with so many empty retail units.

Well things they may be a changing as new owners have appeared and clearly they have refurb’ plans. We must hope for an upturn in the fortunes of this important shopping centre.

This display board effectively stops access to the areas where there were few if any shops still, open as well as giving hope of a better future of course.

This display board effectively stops access to the areas where there were few if any shops still open as well as giving hope of a better future of course.

Idyllic scenes in urban Sefton

Here are 3 photos; do you have any idea where they were taken?




The first two are of the same place, just differing angles – It’s The Dell in Maghull at the busy junction of Liverpool Road North and Westway across the road from the Hare and Hounds Pub. If you were there at this time of year, when the trees are in full leaf, it would only be the drone of the traffic that would give away the fact that this is not in the middle of the countryside.

Maghull in Bloom volunteers working with offenders from Melling’s Kennet Prison are presently undertaking long-term ecological work at The Dell.

The 3rd photo is off a section of the Leeds Liverpool Canal right in the heart of Bootle Village and next to the Strand Shopping Centre. The shot was taken from the bridge that takes Stanley Road over the canal where taxi’s and buses predominate.

It just goes to show that in urban town centres a little oasis of green can make all the difference.

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