Formby – Parish Council blasts Labour-run Sefton’s parking charges

Readers may well remember that Labour-run Sefton Council is in the process of bringing in parking charges for this popular car park in Formby Village. Indeed, the issue has already split Labour locally with their Sefton Councillors backing the parking charges whilst the local Labour MP is publicly opposing them! So much for Labour unity, although if you read my previous posting you will notice that there has not been much Labour unity locally in recent times.

My previous posting on this matter can be accessed via the link below:-

Formby Parish Council are leading the campaign against the charges but Formby also has 4 Labour Borough councillors! The Parish Council is run by people independent of the main political parties who are all experienced community and environmental campaigners. What’s more they gained that experience by opposing the same Labour-run Borough Council’s Local Plan which aims to concrete over vast swathes of Green Belt and high grade agricultural land across the Borough.

Sumner Road Car park - Formby (1)

This was the scene in Sumner Road car park yesterday (17th October) afternoon where vehicles can presently be parked for up to 2 hours without charges. A traffic warden was clearly doing his rounds checking that no one was overstaying their welcome.

Sumner Road car park - Formby

Formby – Bill seems to be at odds with his Labour Sefton councillors again

The Southport Visiter has the story – see link above

So Labour MP Bill Esterson seems again to be at odds with his fellow Labour Councillors who run Sefton Council; there is a pattern developing here!

Library closures – Bill opposed them but his Labour councillors ignored him and closed them.

Building on the Green Belt and high grade agricultural land – Bill opposed it but his Labour councillors ignored him and voted to build on it.

Parking charges in Formby – ?

I do wish Bill had been motivated to oppose the Tories Welfare Bill recently, like Lib Dem MP John Pugh (Southport) and Labour MP Peter Dowd (Bootle) did, instead of abstaining in the crucial vote because the Labour Party’s official line was to vote neither in favour nor against it. Surely I must speak for Labour councillors in Sefton when I say how disappointed they must have been that he voted a different way to what they surely would have wanted?