Corbyn – Why was he seemingly photographed with a copy of the Sun?

If you live on Merseyside, support Liverpool Football Club or just have a passing interest in football the Sun is very much a media source that is absolutely unwelcome. Indeed, Council after Council across the region has passed resolutions against the Sun and frankly no one in the world of politics can claim not to know what it is all about.

Yet despite this history we can see a photo, from 2015, on the internet which allegedly shows Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with a copy of the Sun newspaper. Bearing in mind that virtually all the Councils that have condemned the Sun are Labour run this must be embarrassing for Labour at the very least, assuming of course that the photo is not a fake.

I was initially told that it was a fake, but national media sources seem to think otherwise. And if it is a fake photo would we not see senior Labour folk locally and nationally providing evidence that it is?

Corbyn seems to be a hero amongst Liverpool supporters who held up a banner backing him not so long ago yet the photo of him with the Sun, assuming it is genuine, should logically be totally unacceptable to them.

If the photo is genuine why was Corbyn carrying a copy of the Sun? If it’s a fake then let’s have that confirmed.