Miliband and Syria

History is clearly weighing heavy upon Ed and it has made him, not surprisingly, quite indecisive about action over Syria.

One day he was clearly indicating that he supported action to deal with the appalling chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime on its own people, the next day he was all for stopping plans deal with Syria.

But why was he so unsure? Iraq of course, where Labour got itself into an illegal war with Conservative support. However, you would think that was not the reason for his hopping from one foot to the other by things he said. Yet, if you listened to him carefully, and thought back he was clearly rehearsing the very same type of concerns that we Lib Dems had over the war in Iraq.

Whether Parliament made the right decision last week is a tough call but, on balance, it probably made the wrong one as turning your back on the use of chemical weapons is surely not going to do anything but encourage Syria and indeed other dictators across the world to think they can get away with such terrible crimes against humanity. In other words the decision has probably made it more likely that chemical weapons will be used again but against whom and when is less clear.