The origin of ‘Nowhere to run’

I’m presently reading ‘Come and get these memories’ a book by the famous Motown song writers Brian & Eddie Holland of the Holland Dozier Holland partnership.

One of the interesting things about this excellent book is that they explain the origins of some famous songs. This Martha Reeves & The Vandellas’ track struck me in particular:-

Nowhere to run – written to mark the sending to Vietnam of a 19-year-old friend of Lamont’s who’d been drafted and was terrified. The poor chap was later killed when he stood on a landmine…..

And here’s a YouTube link to the song……

Dozier – One of the greatest song writers of all time

In August 2015 I posted about seeing Lamont Dozier live on stage at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre. Here’s a link back to that posting:-

As the middle part of the world famous soul music writing trio of Holland – Dozier – Holland he penned so many hits for Motown that it would take far too long to write them all down. However, I actually got into Lamont as a solo artist via what I think was his 2nd LP/album cut in 1974 entitled Black Bach.

I’ve always looked upon this album as one of the very few I like where every song and tune is worth listening to. So many artists released albums where there were only a couple of good tracks but for me this one ranks along with Gato Babieri’s Caliente and Isaac Hayes To Be Continued as being all good or better all the way through. Oddly whilst some Dozier fans think his later solo work was better I only took to individual songs.

I recently stumbled across this You Tube link to the Epstein Theatre performance of The Record Producers Live back in 2015:-

and here’s a link to another You Tube event when Dozier was named a Fellow of the Center for Popular Music at MTSU

And my favourite Lamont Dozier Track? All cried out and here’s a link to it:-

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