Taxi standards – This story is a real concern

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Taxi drivers should be beyond reproach as we put our lives in their hands when we hail or ring for one.

This Echo story is not one to fill the taxi user with confidence although of course we are talking of a small minority of dodgy taxis muddying the waters for all the decent taxi drivers.

I have always felt that Councils need to vet taxi drivers in great detail and I liked the St. Helens policy of making drivers wear uniforms as it must help push up standards. My posting of a while back refers to this aspect:-

Taxis are a crucial part of public transport network. No ifs no buts standards should be high and kept high.

Cabbies have to look the part – Dress code for cab drivers

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I think St. Helens Council has a point here. In effect a taxi is offering a service to the public just like a train or a bus so yes I do think those who provide the service should be well turned out. Maybe the other Merseyside Council’s should follow St. Helen’s lead and introduce a dress code.

Bootle – taxi coming towards me on the wrong side of Aintree Road!

I have heard of people driving on the wrong side of the road before but until yesterday had never seen it for real. It’s quite a dangerous eye opener when it happens to you.

There’s a section of Aintree Road that has a central reservation and the taxi, which was coming out of Timon Avenue, instead of turning left as was his only option (according to the Highway Code) decided to turn right down the wrong carriageway, straight at me, and then back onto the correct carriageway. Trouble is I had to slam on hard as he unexpectedly (as far as I was concerned) did the crazy stunt, otherwise there could well have been a nasty accident.

Sadly, I did not get his reg or taxi number as it all happened so quickly but this is one black cab driver that won’t be living long if he keeps doing stunts like that!