Maghull (NORTH) – What do you know about Maghull?

Branch Line Society charter train at the new Maghull North Station 08 12 19

Because I’m a railway enthusiast I came across the video (linked above) on You Tube. In brief, the folk on the video pride themselves on having visited every railway station in the country and with Maghull North being a new station they had to tick it off their list by going to it. The Maghull part of the video starts at around 4 minutes into it and it lasts for about 4.5 minutes. But who is the Maghull ‘special guest’?

Well it’s a bit humour, local history and railways so go on have a look at it………

This was the first every train to stop at Merseyrail’s new Maghull North Station – 5.58am on 18th June 2018.

Maghull Nostalgia – The Albany, Astra or Apollo Cinema

Part of my occasional nostalgia series.

Remember when Maghull had its own cinema where Lidl’s supermarket now sits at the Alt?


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This photo was taken after the cinema has closed in the early/mid 1990’s. Stood in front of the sadly derelict building is Jim Byrne who served on Maghull Town Council for many years and who still lives just up Northway from the site.

Interesting that the 3 names that the cinema had all began with the letter ‘A’. The Beatles played there in their early days.

Dangerous Beatles mania?

Westminister Council is considering a lollipop woman to make the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing safer, due to Beatles-loving tourists making the area hazardous by taking photos in the middle of the road.

This story jumped out at me, a bit like it seems the tourists are doing to vehicle drivers!