Brexit – That self-destructive objective that’s so not British

The Guardian has the commentary on its web site – see link above.

We live in very strange times and are acting as a nation in ways the majority of us could surely never have envisioned and which are so obviously self-destructive.

A government of the far right, our leading opposition party following them into the Brexit voting lobbies, who would have thought it possible but it is happening.

I heard of a voter yesterday via the radio who was saying that they had no political home now as they wanted the Brexit of the Tories but the social policy of Jeremy Corbyn. Well yes that is odd except of course Jeremy’s MP’s (with a few notable exceptions) voted with the Tories over Brexit! But it was as though the consequences of Brexit were completely lost on that voter because Brexit is going to cost us so much economically that the social policies of Jeremy, like them or not/support them or not, will be unaffordable.

The more I see of Brexit the more I realise that the supporters of it really don’t know or in some cases even care what the consequences of it are. The rich and powerful who are manipulating these Brexiters know only too well though, as it is they who will benefit and its the poor, powerless and ordinary folk who will end up paying the price.

And what are we doing whipping up distrust and even hatred of our European neighbours, what good can possibly come from that except of course making the electorate fearful will get them to march behind our Bluekip Government and their lapdog main opposition party.

‘I fear Theresa May is negotiating us all towards Brexit disaster’ says Keir Starmer of Labour – well yes of course but it wouldn’t half help if Labour stopped voting for Brexit!

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – Lib Dems attacked by the dithering party

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

This is an interesting intervention on a number of levels but it actually helps to expose the weakness that Labour is presently suffering from.

Firstly, whilst Keir Starmer is attacking Tim Farron Labour is actually leaking party members to the Lib Dems. Secondly, Labour is all over the place with regard to Brexit, having adopted more positions than the Kamasutra since the EU Referendum. Thirdly, Labour is in a difficult bind in that many of their MP’s represent areas that voted to leave the EU, although that may well have been caused by the lack luster campaigning of the party before the referendum. Who can recall any prominent Labour politicians really and passionately backing Remain other than Gordon Brown?

But probably more than anything this attack pulls together what would once have looked like a highly unlikely alliance of UKIP, Tony and Labour as the joint political force backing leaving the EU. Contrast this with the SNP in Scotland and the Lib Dems across the UK backing Remain.

The best that Labour seem to be able to muster is that it will hold the Tory Government to account over the way we leave the EU. So by implication Labour are in effect abandoning the 48% who voted to remain in the EU.

Interesting times indeed.

Labour privatisation in Haringey

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

Seems that Labour still has a significant Blairite following despite Corbyn’s socialist agenda. But what is this all about as it looks to me like mass privatisation and by a Labour-run council too!

Quote from the article – ‘Lives torn apart and assets lost: this is what a Labour privatisation would mean’

‘Moderate’ Tim takes the gloves off as Jeremy goes UKIP-lite!

I am the first one to say that I think Tim Farron over eggs his ‘moderate’ approach to things and I seriously wish he would drop that word from his speeches. But hey there’s nothing moderate about this response to JC!

Tim Farron responds to Corbyn speech
By Greg Foster on January 10, 2017

Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Brexit.

Tim Farron said: “This confirms what we all suspected, that Jeremy Corbyn never had his heart in fighting to protect Britain’s place in Europe.

“He failed to pull a shift to keep us in the EU before the referendum and now he is helping Theresa May, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson yank us out of the single market.

“He called for Article 50 to be invoked the day after the referendum and is now egging ministers on towards a Hard Brexit.

“He is giving a speech signing up to the Vote Leave £350 million myth, he might as well go the whole hog and borrow their bus. I imagine it still has the lie slapped on the side of it.

“On immigration, we are still no clearer about Labour’s position than when Jeremy Corbyn’s deputy admitted Labour is hopelessly split. Jeremy Corbyn has ceased to be Leader of the Opposition to become cheerleader in chief for the Conservative Brexit government.”

And in case Tim’s comments are thought to be a little over the top the Guardian ran an article only 6 weeks ago on 26 Nov 2016 which said – ‘Labour will not win a general election if it lurches to the right to become “Ukip-lite”, Diane Abbott has said.’

Smart Meters ‘dangerously insecure’

The Guardian has the story on its web site

A subject often covered on this blog site, as a consequence of Roy Connell’s spadework, but a very different angle this time.

Goes to show that when you are given a simple solution to a complicated issue…..

Brexit?- ‘well not if it will cost me money’

The Guardian newspaper has the story on is web site – see link above

It is probably fair to say that some voters would willingly suffer any amount of person financial loss to leave the EU ‘at any cost’, but they will be a tiny minority of course and usually very wealthy too.


But this article on the Guardian web site shows how many folks, who clearly voted for Brexit, are now seemingly concerned that it will cost them money. In other words they voted out but not ‘at any cost’ to themselves.

Of course financial loss to the UK economy, a falling value of the Pound etc. were almost inevitable following a Brexit vote but it seems some who voted with the Leave campaign had not realised that this would in turn have a detrimental effect on their own personal finances. Odd I know but there you have it. The law of unintended consequences kicking in?

So how is Mrs May(hem) going to sell a deal to the UK population that means they will be worse off? She often uses the meaningless mantra of ‘Brexit means Brexit’ but it seems she should change it to ‘Brexit means cost you’.

My thanks to Roy Connell for picking up on this story.