Gina Miller has stood up for our democracy when others have failed to do so

The Independent has the article on its website – see link below:-

This woman is fearless and her determination to uphold the rule of law in the UK has been without precedent, but the fact that she has had to do this shows how weak our democracy has become.

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Labour’s big hitting backers are turning their back on the party in disgust

When life long high profile supporters like Tony Robinson walk away from Labour you know it’s in trouble. The Independent has the story on its website – see link below:-

Another high profile former Labour baker, comedian Mike Harding, said this recently:-

Vot Lab. The Bail-Out Party. Overall it was a vote for the remain parties – 1000 seats lost to them. Lab for 56 yrs Active supporter. I and many more have left. You can bail the Tories out if you like – but we’re leaving in disgust for our childrens’ and grandchildren’s sakes.

As I say Labour’s in deep trouble and if its leadership really does bail out the Tories over Brexit, as it seems to be threatening to do, you can be sure that their troubles will deepen even more. Can anyone take the spade from Jez Corbyn, the hole he’s dug is very deep now…….

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Cable – I’m really warming to him – Quite the old radical when I thought he would not be

The Independent has an interesting opinion piece on Vince Cable and his recent controversial but spot on analysis of many Brexit voters.

Cable certainly hit some raw nerves on the right and indeed on the right wing of the left too if you get my drift. That Bluekippers would get upset is a given but Cable also made some of what Labour calls its working class vote uncomfortable too. Many of Labour’s core voters are often right wingers in reality even though their tribal instinct is to vote Labour. What’s more many of them are Brexit supporters and as an old Labour Party member and trade union colleague of mine once said to me many years ago – there’s more racists in the Labour Party than there are in the Tory Party – or words to that effect. No wonder Cable’s commentary on the EU Referendum got a reaction!

On a wider perspective, I must say I am really warming to Cable. I feared he would be a moderate centrist but he’s hitting a lot of quite radical notes for me, not least in calling out Corbyn for his regressive approach to the EU and his backing of Brexit. This quote sums up Cable’s radical agenda:-

‘Corbyn lets down the people he claims to defend. You can’t speak up for the poor and be complicit in making us poorer, claim to love the NHS knowing that Brexit will starve it of cash, be an advocate for workers’ rights and stand by while we leave the EU, which protects workers.’

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Corbyn – So why does he seemingly have a downer on the poor and young folk?

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

Well it’s the poor and the young who are going to suffer most from his and Teresa May’s policy of Brexit so for me it’s clear.

I know quite a number of Labour members and supporters and I can only recall one of them being a Brexiter, whats more recent polls seem to indicate that around 80% of Labour Party members oppose Brexit.

For all his bluster Corbyn’s voting record over many years shows him to be very much a Brexiter, so no wonder Labour is in a pickle over the EU.

But here’s the rub, many Labour supporters and indeed members are of the view that Corbyn is playing what they call a ‘long game’ and that he will eventually reveal himself as a Remainer. Trouble is having forced many reluctant Labour MP’s to vote with the Tories over Brexit time and again how on earth do you reverse such a stance and have any credibility at all?

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Social Care for the elderly – A disaster that is worsening every day

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

Norman Lamb MP

Quote from the article:-

Liberal Democrat former care minister Norman Lamb said: “This Government is completely failing to address the social care crisis which has left over a million vulnerable older people without the support they need.

“It is outrageous that they are now kicking the can further down the road, leaving the social care sector in a state of uncertainty.”

This vital issue affects every section of society as we will all potentially need social care when we are elderly. That means this is an obvious cross-party issue that should be addressed by the coming together of political foes for the benefit of the common good; something Norman Lamb has tried to bring about previously. Sadly, our ridiculously partisan political system leads to politicians opposing each other even when they agree but every day that this social care crisis is kicked down the road more of the elderly in our families will suffer from inadequate care.

Yet we still like to call ourselves civilised……..

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Brexit – We need a way out of it say OECD

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

Well apart from the OECD’s report a statement of the blindingly obvious it will, I assume, be treated as a piece of ‘fake news’ by Brexiters.

It’s time for the UK to wake up and smell the coffee: it’s not too late for us to say ‘we made a right mess of our kids future as we voted to go back to the 1950’s, but we now want to put things right by them’. A little humility is required to say ‘we made a terrible mistake based on lies and misinformation but we have learned our lesson.’

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.