Southport – For mild winters

The postcard depicted below is from the National Railway Museum’s collection

And the claim was as true then as it is now because the area around Southport generally does have milder winters. I say that as someone who has lived in the Nottinghamshire coalfield and Rochdale where winters really are winters.

But what also caught my eye about this postcard was the small print at the bottom because my old dad was the manager of Thomas Cook’s Lord Street shop in Liverpool from December 1968 to probably the early 1980’s when he moved to manage their shop in Southport. I’m guessing that there was no Thomas Cook shop in Southport at the time the postcard was published.

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Thomas Cook and my connection with the company in utter disgrace

I live on Merseyside because of my Dad’s job. He worked for the Thomas Cook travel agency and the last two shops he managed were Lord Street in Liverpool and finally Lord Street in Southport.

Dad (George Robertson), who died in 2009, had very high standards when it came to both personal and business behaviour and I am sure he would have been utterly horrified at the way his former employer dealt with the tragic deaths of two children on a holiday booked via Thomas Cook.

Whilst it is pleasing to see the head of Thomas Cook fronting up in recent days saying how badly his company had dealt with the tragedy you can’t but wonder how on earth they came to deal with the matter in such a terrible way in the first place.