Care sector woes leave frail at risk, regulator says – BBC web site

The BBC has this most worrying story on its web site – see link above

With the right wing press obsessed with promoting Brexit, the Tories and of course Bake Off’s troubles this is a major issue that is simply not getting the profile that it needs.

As well as an NHS that is all but on its knees care for the elderly is also in crisis. You would think this should motivate us all to put in place, or to ensure that our political leaders put in place, the required solutions but apart from the wringing of hands and the pleas of Norman Lamb MP for a cross party approach to this appalling NHS/care crisis nothing much seems to happen.

Norman Lamb MP

Norman Lamb MP

The question is how bad does it have to get before we force MP’s and Government to take action. We all need a strong NHS and care provision you know!

And to quote Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron:- ‘We need a new deal for NHS & Social Care – services are under huge pressure; excuses and passing the buck not enough’

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.