EU Referendum Result – You selfish Brexit cretins

Liberals are often spoken of as being nice people, indeed I have had it said to me numerous times but this Liberal does not feel nice at present indeed he fancies being offensive!

The EU ‘out’ vote was probably the greatest ever act of selfish behaviour in living memory by the older generations of UK voters. It was often said during the campaign that older folk would not have to live with the consequences of Brexit so those older generations, in general, said that’s fine with us – bugger the young folk, we don’t care!

It you don’t believe me look at this graphic:-


Talk about leaving a pile of crap for the up and coming generations but doing it deliberately; that’s really crapping on the young!

The cretinous Brexiters were had by right wing nutters and the right wing press and we are all now going to have to live with the stupid decision they took. But its the young in particular who will have every reason to despise the selfishness of many of their elders.

We all knew that ‘Kippers and mad right wing Tories were going to vote for Brexit but what on earth was going on with Labour voters? Many of those who call themselves working class Labour were in the polling booth voting with and for the barmy right! They were voting to reduce workers rights, to push our economy on a downwards spiral (which the poor always suffer the most from) and thought they were freeing themselves from tyranny! In reality they were voting for more austerity, less rights, poorer job prospects and Boris! Labour completely failed to engage with its white, working class voters again so they followed the nonsense the Daily Mail, The Scum etc. fed to them.

Angry, you bet I am. Rude and insulting well I hope so because those who wanted to jump off the cliff are taking the rest of us with them. I am reminded of the title of a Michael Moore book – Stupid White Men …. and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation.. It may well have been written about America in 2001 but 15 years on it seems more about the UK.

Brexit – Where are the credible facts about leaving the EU

Clearly the Brexit campaign is led by a colourful bunch of politicians but one thing they seem unable to do is to put before us a clear way forward for life outside of the EU.

Yes it is easy for them and their supporters to say daft things like:-

‘The EU bosses us about’
‘We need Brussels’ permission to do anything’
‘We are being bullied into staying in the EU’
‘We want Britain to be great again’
etc. etc.etc.

It’s like saying we don’t like where we are now and want to be somewhere else without having a map to show how to get to somewhere else or knowing what somewhere else will be like.

It’s all emotional arguments rather then credible ones.

In many ways you have to stare aghast at Brexiters as they are in effect saying we should all jump off the cliff with them, not knowing if there are rocks below, how far down it is, whether the tide is in or if there are sharks in the water. A leap into the unknown indeed.

Having been fed a diet of silly tabloid stories about the EU for years now it is probably no surprise that some folks have taken these stories as fact. But none the less it is worrying that those who want Brexit can’t seem to be able to say how they will ensure a better, brighter future for the UK.

Some of them seem quite happy to put the UK economy at greater risk than it is already although I can’t understand why.

Others want us to ‘rule the waves’ again but fail to say how our small country will achieve this.

Many have forgotten why the EU was created (to help bring peace and stability to Europe) and you wonder why they think a less stable Europe is in the UK’s interests.

In reality this referendum is mainly about the problems within the Tory Party as they try to keep their bickering members happy. Of course whatever the result those members will never be happy. We would not be having a referendum if Cameron had not been backed into a corner by UKIP and those Tories who may defect to UKIP.

But there is also a dilemma for Labour here too as their ‘working class’, whatever that may mean, supporters are mainly on the right of British politics whilst seeing Labour as ‘their’ tribe. They read the right wing press but vote Labour. They are anti EU but vote Labour. They are one of the reasons Mr. Corbyn has to be very careful about what he says and why Labour’s been so quiet in the campaign so far.

So please Brexiters put before us a credible plan for how you see things unfolding if we leave the EU and one that independent minded people can assess and comment on. It’s time to speak with a common credible voice rather than emotional rhetoric.

Especially for Kippers – UKIP’ers that is

I like the sense of humour at Melling’s Sandy Lane Nurseries and the plants are great too.

They seem to specialise in insulting national politicians who have got to big for their boots so to speak. They are not averse to picking on any politician, the SNP’s ‘Jimmy Krankie’ otherwise K/A Nicola Sturgeon and Mr. Cameroon were also in the firing line when we were there today.

But this one really tickled me:-


Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I wonder if any other politicians have been ‘offended’, I certainly hope so.

The Left – Every sect thinks it’s tribal way is the right way hence the Tories are in power more often than not

The left of British politics has always been factionalised with numerous socialist parties coming and going, the Labour Party often engaged in vicious internal warfare (as they are at present) and the Lib Dems, in recent years, having been pulled towards economic rather than social liberalism. Of course looking back a while the SDP also failed to ‘break the mould’ as it became split by the ‘Owen’ factor amongst other things.

The lack of unity on the left has always been a problem and our warped first past the post electoral system has also helped to put many Tory Governments in power who have nothing like majority popular support; just like the present one.

What beggars belief therefore is why when Labour have grabbed power for the odd short period they have not pursued electoral reform and a fair voting system. I suppose the last Labour government was too arrogant and thought their ‘New Labour’ guise would last and be popular for generations. Well it wasn’t so Labour went further to the right in opposition, even openly bashing the poor along the way. But as they became labeled Red Tories the electorate said stuff that we may as well have proper Tories.

The Lib Dems also discredited themselves by lying about Tuition Fees in 2010. Nick Clegg thought the electorate would forgive him. They didn’t. Indeed, because many of those who voted Lib Dem in 2010 thought he was a straight forward chap whom they could trust his backing out of a clear promise caused them to drop him and his party like a stone. They expected other parties to tell porkies but having been persuaded the Lib Dems were trustworthy they turned against them big time. Rebuilding that lack of trust in the Lib Dems is probably Tim Farron’s biggest challenge.

The Greens tried lurching to left after 2010 and were the most socialist of the mainstream parties at the last general election but of course this move set their traditional environmentalist sect against an upstart socialist sect. Socialism and environmentalism have never sat comfortably together in my experience. Socialists on Merseyside that I have come across have always seemed to be very much disinterested in environmental issues.

But within the left there is at the heart of so many of its difficulties one major factor that causes the disunity which the Tories always benefit from. Many left wing sects think they are absolutely right and all other left wing sects are utterly wrong. Such tribalism then sets these sects against each other and the Tories win again whilst the left debates, often viciously, who is right and who is wrong. In differing ways I think that the emergence of the SDP and the rise of Tony Blair were reactions to the self destructive nature of the left.

The SDP failed and despite huge initial success Blair’s New Labour failed because he wandered to far right, got involved in the appalling Iraq war and probably laid the foundations for Labour to be cat called ‘Red Tories’.

The real danger that the left faces now is that we could have a seriously right wing Tory Party in power for a generation with UKIP effectively pulling their levers. Is this not enough of a nightmare to sober up the left of British politics?

Speaking French – Hope the ‘kippers did not hear!

Stood on Maghull railway station (‘train station’ is an American terminology) the other day and what do I hear but fluent French being spoken. On turning around I see a young lady on her mobile phone having a conversation in French.

I never got beyond the odd French word and the railways of France myself at school, much to my shame, but at least I was happy to hear a European language being spoken in Maghull. If it had been a ‘kipper hearing this it would have been a call to UK Boarder Force with demands to deport I assume!

UKIP folk counted votes in Sefton’s Birkdale ward?!

This has to go down as one of the most bizarre things I have ever heard about happening at an election count!

Iain Brodie Browne has the story on his Birkdale Focus site:-

I bet Sefton’s Returning Officer will be more than a little embarrassed.