Spinning so fast it’s a blur – Tories utterly paniced by UKIP

You can tell when political leaders are feeling the heat as they will claim just about anything to keep their heads above water.

What with the Tories, and indeed Labour, having their heads pushed under water by UKIP’s mixture of popularism, racism, socialism, nationalism and just about any other negative ‘ism’ you can think of the Tory leadership is desperately claiming black is white over the EU invoice that the UK is being told to pay. Labour on the other hand is trying to keep UKIP leaning supporters on side by agreeing with UKIP over this bill that has presented been for settlement.

Cameron a left wing Tory, who is in favour of staying in Europe, is being pushed by those Tories on the verge of defecting to UKIP and is all but being held to ransom.

But poor old Miliband, as if he did not have enough trouble keeping his head up in the deep end of Labour’s own churning pool, is seeing his ‘working class supporters’ threaten to march off to UKIP’s tune as well.

It’s amazing to see how UKIP, who seem to stand for just about anything folks are upset about, can cause such panic in the political classes. Just imagine them in Government; right wing ex-Tories, socialists who have given up on Labour, racists, anti-Europeans, popularists for what ever the flavour of the days is – well at least it would be entertaining! Trouble is our economy would soon be in utter ruin again and climate change would not be tackled at all.

Our political leaders would be well advised to start telling the truth about the economy and our desperately fragile environment because they have only got themselves into UKIP’s deep hole by being economical with the truth. Trouble is where are the political leaders who folks would listen to and trust? John Smith, Charles Kennedy……….

Proposed TV debates – Including UKIP but not the Greens!

As we draw nearer to the May 2015 General Election we are told that the TV companies have ‘decided’ which political parties will be allowed to take part in the live debates.

Can’t say I am a fan of these staged events but what on earth is going on when UKIP are offered a shot at it but the Greens are not! That’s simply not fair and reasonable in my view.

No, I would not consider voting for the Green Party because their narrow interpretation of environmental issues makes them little more than a single issue Party, like UKIP with its Europe obsession. However, if you going to allow a one single issue Party a spot why not the other?

Population of England to reach 61m by 2037 – It’s an environmental crisis

According to estimates from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the population of England is projected to grow at double the pace of the rest of the UK over the next 23 years. By 2037 it is estimated that more than 61m people will live in England – a rise of 16%. In contrast, 1.9m will reside in Northern Ireland (up 10%), 5.7m will live in Scotland (+9%) and some 3.2m people will make their home in Wales (+8%). Almost two thirds of the increase will be a result of immigration, either through newcomers arriving or the increased birth rate of migrants who have arrived in recent years.

The Times, Page: 15 – 5th June 2014

My problem with this issue is the environmental effect. We are a small island that can’t, in my view, continue to sustain an ever expanding population whatever the cause of that expansion may be. A rising population leads to more housing being built on high grade agricultural land, which in turn makes us a less sustainable nation for food production.

I don’t subscribe to the UKIP and right wing Tory view which I think tries to make racism more palatable. This is not a race issue it is a significant environmental, green and sustainability issue that we ignore at our peril.

“very” or “a little” race prejudiced – I am unsurprised by survey of British attitudes

Growing number of Britons admit to being prejudiced

The British Social Attitudes survey has found that nearly a third of people in Britain admit being racially prejudiced, a return to the level of 30 years ago. Of the 2,000 people polled by social research company NatCen, 30% described themselves as either “very” or “a little” race prejudiced. Chief executive Penny Young said the findings were “troubling”, and cited the 9/11 attacks and an increase in concerns about immigration as two possible reasons for the turnaround. However, Ms Young also admitted self-reported prejudice was “very difficult” to study in detail, and Sunder Katwala, director of the identity and integration think tank British Future, said it was a “difficult measure to use” when attempting to draw conclusions. The Telegraph’s Allison Pearson suggests the findings should not come as a surprise and recalls comments made by Margaret Hodge in 2007 about how issues surrounding the ethnicity of people on council house waiting lists could alienate large numbers of working-class voters.

TODAY – BBC News The Daily Telegraph, Page: 17 Daily Star, Page: 23 Independent i, Page: 24 The Guardian, Page: 34 Daily Mirror, Page: 2 Daily Mail, Page: 14 The Independent, Page: 37

Since I became politically aware, as a teenager, it has struck me that racial and indeed homophobic prejudice in Britain is both significant more widely spread than we may wish to admit. In the round this survey says one third of us may well be racially prejudiced and frankly that sounds about right to me in terms of a proportion of the population.

Of course politicians of the right often play to such prejudices as indeed does the right wing press. It is easy to scare people with stories that spread fear and worry about those of differing ethnicity and the ‘threats’ they may bring to the ‘British way of life’. UKIP very much trade on such fears of course so the rise of this deeply illiberal party in times when polls are showing prejudice levels are high comes as no surprise.

The big problem we face is that the main political parties are slowly being pulled towards intolerant and illiberal policies in an attempt to bring the electorate back on board. And we should not think this is a problem that the Tories are most troubled with as Labour’s ‘working class’ (oh how I hate that phrase) supporters are probably where the greatest challenge sits. But the Lib Dems too could well feel they need to sound tougher on racial issues when in fact they need to sound tough on the racists and the intolerant.