Michael Gove would vote for Britain to leave the EU

This is a headline on the BBC website earlier today but the problem the Tories have is that they have panicked themselves into saying they would vote for just about anything that UKIP stands for at present, whatever that may be.

Headless chickens running around doing UKIP’s bidding comes to mind as far as the Tories are concerned. UKIP must be laughing themselves silly seeing the Tories in such a mess.

A fascinating fact from recent local government elections and declared voting intensions – Labour are the party most impacted on by the rise of UKIP.

I assume, that like me, you probably thought that any rise in the UKIP support would come from right-wing Tory supporters but a detailed analysis of what actually is happening throws up the opposite of what you might expect; it’s Labour who have the most to fear. Look at this graph:-


Conservatives have dropped back into another black mood of kicking themselves to death (so that’s a bit of good news then) over Europe despite doing so under John Major and no good coming of it. Yet if they can try to regain their composure the above chart shows that it’s Miliband’s lot who should be pressing the panic button!

Now I have commented before about my encounters with UKIP folk. I suppose you could say that I have now come across 5 of them in Sefton. 3 of them I have no idea which party they supported before they went over to UKIP but 2 of them were quite definitely Labour/socialist supporters/activists. One even told me that he still considered himself to be a socialist despite his UKIP membership! So maybe the analysis above is not so surprising.

Eastleigh – the Lib Dems ‘done well’ especially in the face of the embarrassment of the Huhne carry on and a right wing press who are desperate to finish us off.

Probably the toughest week the Lib Dem Party has ever faced (except for the Tuition Fees cock-up) and yet we win a parliamentary by-election where we are defending the seat, whilst in Government having to do unpopular things and with a right wing press pulling out all the stops to kill us off!

Just maybe the power of the press is not what it once was; I have said recently that I don’t know many people who read national newspapers these days.

Being a Liberal has never been easy but recently we have been toughened up like never before.

I would like to think that our supporters in Eastleigh really could see why we have had to work with the Conservatives nationally, who are hardly our natural political allies. Maybe they could because if our broken economy is not fixed we are all going to hell. Maybe they did realise that this as a consequence of out of control bankers and a Labour government that spent every penny we had and borrowed money we could not afford to pay back.

The result shows Labour going nowhere but then again with no solution to put forward to save the economy that they helped to beggar up its no wonder that folks did not flock to their flag.

But what about UKIP! They really do have their foot on the back of the Tory’s neck and this result will only make Conservative right wingers panic even more than they have been doing already. If Cameron does not lurch to the right they will finish him off and if he does the electorate will do him in.