Gun Control – Can kids beat the gun loving American establishment

The BBC has the article on its web site – see link above

Well can they beat the American gun culture that is so strong and more importantly so supported by the US political classes? We worry about our urban gun crime problems in cities like Liverpool (and Merseyside generally) where shootings are a weekly event but in comparison with the USA they are fortunately on a much smaller scale.

Trump and the NFL – This is a really interesting insight

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Trump often seems to be on missions that few can get their heads around and yes, I know, we have some pretty strange politicians of the far right over here too.

What I like about this insight is that it probably hits the spot in that Trump may well be someone who simply hits out at whatever is irritating him at any particular moment. It’s also the case that folks are probably learning how to push his buttons. So when he berates the NFL footballers for kneeling when the US national anthem is being played you can bet those who dislike his ‘orders’ will start to press his buttons and good on them too.

Canadian Leader stands up to the bully next door as May is Selling England by the Pound

As the rather sad Mrs. May went creeping around Trump for the odd crumb from his table the decent man next door to the USA who leads Canada was standing firmly against the politics of hate and division.

As the leader of the supposedly free world takes us all into some very dark places indeed with our own appeasing Prime Minister tagging along it’s great to see other world leaders like Justine Trudeau standing firm.

Trouble is that Mrs. May is in an impossible bind, she needs to take whatever Trump is prepared to offer her in terms of a trade deal with the US and at whatever the cost is to us. Having signalled that we want to cease beneficial trading with our nearest partners as a consequence of Brexit she may have no choice but to give in to any other country that is prepared to offer us a trade deal on their terms. And the more powerful that country the more the trade deals will on their terms.

What hope now for the NHS? It seems that in any trade deal with the US Trump will be wanting more access for US companies into NHS services so that they can turn a profit from them. And Teresa May will have no choice but to give Trump that access because our new trade deal with the US will be far more beneficial to the US than it is to us.

And what about education? Will Trump want access into that too? The bottom line Trump will want access into any part of our economy where US companies can turn a profit and that’s on top of our ever greater dependence on China of course.

May has even gone creeping around the former democracy of Turkey to sell them more arms so that they can keep their own people and and those in neighbouring counties under control. Nice to know we can still make a favourable trade deal by selling death to others.

‘Selling England by the Pound’ was the name of a Genesis album; maybe the title is now the Tories, UKIP and sadly even Labour’s new strap line. May your God (I don’t have one I might add) go with you in the words of the late great Dave Allen.

President Trump!

No I did not think it possible either. It’s like just over half of those who voted in America thought just look at the lunacy of those Brits voting to leave the EU; hey we can beat that level of stupidity – so they did!

America ‘The land of the free’? Well so long as you are a white male, rich and racist maybe but if you are female, non-white and poor there will seemingly be nothing down for you in Trump’s America.

Of course America had a poor choice for the next President. The Republicans allowed themselves to be taken over by people who seem to be nearer to fascism than anything else. The Democrats picked a candidate who seems to be largely disliked/distrusted although I have no idea whether that is an accurate picture of Hilary Clinton. I think most Liberals would have wanted the Democrats to pick Bernie Sanders; he seemed to have fire in his belly to tackle the massive social ills of the USA.

But we are where we are. Will Trump carry out his bizarre agenda – bust up NATO, build a wall along the Mexican border which the Mexicans will have to pay for, ban Muslims from travelling etc. etc.?

We live in very dangerous times indeed and one thing is for sure the EU Referendum vote and electing Trump are just what Putin wanted! Oh and by the way don’t forget that the KKK backed America’s new President! To hell in a hand cart comes to mind.

America – Is it really the land of the free?


With thanks to my old chum Roy Connell for pointing this posting (see link above) out to me on Cllr. Sue McGuire’s Cambridge Ward Focus.

It is a powerful message indeed and from a young person of 15 all the more so.