Maghull – Balls Wood Park car park off-roading!

So what’s been going on here? A smashed fence and deep vehicle tracks down the embankment from Poverty Lane to Balls Wood Park car park. An accident? Seen on 24th April.

Anyone know the back story?

I’ve reported the damaged fencing to Sefton Council Highways Dept.

Lydiate – Car crash Southport Road Saturday 21st May

Sadly there was a serious accident on Southport Road earlier today close to Seafore Close. I understand that a car ended up on its roof.

Numerous emergency vehicles rushed to deal with the accident and we can only hope that those involved will be OK.

However, what was odd about this accident was that the Police made no attempt, as far as I am aware, to manage the ensuing traffic jams caused as consequence of the accident. This is even more odd when you consider that Southport Road is a major ‘A’ road and bus route.

Indeed, local residents took over the traffic management themselves and I saw ladies in the middle of the road at the junction of Liverpool Road North, Southport Road and Liverpool Road advising queuing drivers what was happening and to use alternative routes.

What’s more a chap who lives in Southport Road who owns an old American Police car placed his car across the road at the junction will Bells Lane to try to assist. I photographed this car a while ago and here it is:-


All this public spirited reaction to a nasty vehicle accident is indeed commendable but I can’t help but wonder why Merseyside Police did not address the need to manage the traffic. I am aware that a resident has subsequently phoned the Police to log their concerns along similar lines to mine.

I think the road was impassable for around two and half hours or so.

Update:- I am indebted to Mike Brown who informs me that he understands there were 2 vehicles and 3 people involved in the accident but no serious injuries.