Waterloo – Maghull – Kirkby 133 bus to run less frequently

The 133 bus route (currently operated by Comfy Bus) links a number of small communities (Melling Mount, Sefton Village, Lunt Village & Homer Green) with larger places such as Kirkby, Maghull (and its new North Station), Thornton and Waterloo. It’s been running for many years (probably since the withdrawal of the former Ribble buses 381 and 382 many moons ago?). But it seems things are going to change and sadly not for the better.

Merseytravel have issued a new invitation to tender for this subsidised route to be operated (Monday to Saturday) from this coming April. The 133 does not run on a Sunday, I might add

However, instead of the present 10 buses from Waterloo to Kirkby and 11 buses from Kirkby to Waterloo each day the new specification is for only 6 buses to operate Waterloo to Kirkby and 6 buses Kirkby to Waterloo. One additional service the 0743 from Kirkby will terminate at Maghull Square at 0823 and will run school term times only, so will not serve Sefton & Lunt Villages, Homer Green or Thornton at all. The very early bus (the 06.53 from Kirkby) will also not run on a Saturday.*

There can be little doubt that this reduction in frequency of the 133 bus will be a blow to regular users of it. Here’s a link to present timetable:-


And this is the proposed timetable from April this year:-

I’m guessing that the Parish Councils along the route will have had something to say about reduction in service.

My thanks to Kevin Duggan for the lead to this posting.

Please click on the new timetable to enlarge it for reading

* Hope I’ve interpreted all the changes correctly but please shout if I have not.

My Jeremy Corbyn moment(um)

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I had a Jeremy Corbyn moment (or is that Momentum?) today.

I got on a Merseyrail train at Bootle Strand Station about 1.40pm travelling towards Southport and there were no seats.

Well there was one that I spotted when we got to Seaforth & Litherland Station but I pointed it out to an elderly lady.

At Waterloo the train significantly emptied out; wonder where folks were going to?

It’s now up to Merseyrail to say that I am not telling the whole truth I suppose:-)))))

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-


Freshfield & Waterloo Stations in the 1970’s

Here are a couple of shots of these two stations back some 40 odd years ago.

The old former Merseyrail Class 502 EMU’s were still running the services back then and until their withdrawal after 1977.

Waterloo Station looks in need of some loving care back then and it is very different now.

Freshfield - 1970's

Freshfield – 1970’s

Waterloo Station - 1970's

Waterloo Station – 1970’s

Click on the photos to enlarge them

I purchased the prints (and then scanned them) from the Friends of the 502 Group recently.

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Waterloo (Crosby) Station in times gone by

An L&Y electric train at Waterloo

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Not to be confused with London’s Waterloo Station this is Waterloo on Merseyrail’s present Northern Line from Liverpool to Southport.

The old Lancashire and Yorkshire electric rolling stock is from a very different era. A fascinating glimpse into the past.

The undated photo was purchased by me recently and is originally from an old postcard.

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-