Boys Toys – At Old Christ Church Waterloo

Well you will not be surprised, if you know me that is, that I went along to this show in the former church now exhibition/performance venue in Waterloo, Crosby.

There were all kinds of ‘boys toys’ both inside and outside the building. Model trains were of course the draw for me and I was pleased to spot a Hornby tinplate layout, which is always a delight to see.

Dave Howel's Hornby O Gauge tin plate layout r

Meccano was also well represented and this model of what is in real life a huge (now preserved) Union Pacific EMD DDA40X 6,600 hp diesel loco was the stand out item for me:-

Meccano Union Pacific Diesel Loco

There were some interesting model boats too. Not my scene really but you have to admire the workmanship that goes into them. This is a model of the Mersey Ferry Snowdrop in dazzle paint:-

Model of Dazzel painted Mersey Ferry - Snowdrop r

An old Morris Traveller car look my eye outside as my old Dad had one in the 1960/70’s. Built like tanks they were with the wooden frames. Dad’s one probably saved his life when he was hit side on at speed at the A59-Northway/Hall Junction in Maghull in the days before it had traffic lights and red light jumping cameras.

Morris Traveller r

As I have mentioned in previous postings about Christ Church, it is a beautiful place and well worth a visit just to see the architecture:-

Christ Church (1) r

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The photos of the Meccano diesel, Snowdrop ‘dazzle’ ferry and Morris Traveller are on my Flickr pages at:-

Waterloo (Crosby) Station in times gone by

An L&Y electric train at Waterloo

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Not to be confused with London’s Waterloo Station this is Waterloo on Merseyrail’s present Northern Line from Liverpool to Southport.

The old Lancashire and Yorkshire electric rolling stock is from a very different era. A fascinating glimpse into the past.

The undated photo was purchased by me recently and is originally from an old postcard.

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Waterloo Level Crossing – A Blast from the past.


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We all like to look at old photos. This one is from Waterloo and shows the level crossing in October 1906. The signal box was constructed in 1881. I recently purchased this photo from the National Railway Museum in York. The railway is now part of the Merseyrail Northern Line from Liverpool to Southport having originally been a part of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

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Gonzalo – How it hit Merseyside

The Liverpool Echo has an article – see link above – and have a look at their gallery of photos.

I went down to the Marine lake at Crosby and it was wild indeed:-

Big sky and churned up Marine lane - Waterloo.

Big sky and churned up Marine Lake – Waterloo.

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