Lydiate – A visit to the recently reopened Weld Blundell Pub

The Wellie in November 2017

The Weld Blundell in 2008

Weld Blundell Pub – November 2016

We had our first visit to the recently reopened ‘Wellie’ yesterday and an enjoyable experience it was too. We were with our relatives from ‘up north’ in Preston, Jan and Ian, who know Mike Reeve the new landlord from a couple of pubs he runs in that part of the world.

The old pub has certainly undergone a huge change and is much larger than before the recent refurb’. The food was good and the staff were attentive and engaging.

Here’s a few shots of the pub as it is now: I like the use of old leaded windows for display on an internal wall:-

Here’s a link to the pub’s new web site:-

The Wellie certainly gets a thumbs up from this Lydiate resident.

Lydiate – Parish Council raises no objections to ‘Welly’ plans

Lydiate Parish Council raised no objections to the plans that have been put forward by Star Pubs to erect a single storey extension and layout of external seating area at the rear of the presently closed Weld Blundell Pub next to Lydiate Village Green at its meeting held on 22nd November.


At the same meeting the Parish Council had correspondence from a local resident asking the Council to do what it could to address the eyesore that the pub has become since it closed in March ’16.

Lydiate – The ‘Welly’ will almost certainly reopen

The Weld Blundell in happier times

The Weld Blundell in happier times

I have it on good authority that this closed pub will indeed be reopening. In oft used journalistic speak I will say that ‘sources close to the pub’ have today confirmed this to me.

This follows close on the heels of the planning application being submitted to Sefton Council for a single storey extension.

What I don’t know at present is the timescale for reopening.

Lydiate – Weld Blundell Pub – Hope for shut down pub?

A planning application has been submitted to Sefton Council with regard to this closed pub which has been shut for some time now and sadly looks quite a mess at present. At the heart of Lydiate, by the village green, locals have been calling for action to be taken to tidy up the run-down building.


The application is for the ‘Erection of a single storey extension and layout of external seating area at the rear of the premises’ .

This is a link to the planning application:-

Bootle, Lydiate, all over South Sefton and beyond – Why Pubs are closing at an alarming rate – CAMRA

Campaigners outside the Priory Pub in Litherland trying to save it a while back.

Campaigners outside the Priory Pub in Litherland trying to save it a while back.

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Well this is an issue I have posted about quite a lot in recent times, most recently with regard to the demise of the Weld Blundell Pub in Lydiate – see photo and link to previous postings on this subject below:-

The Weld Blundell in happier times - 2008

The Weld Blundell in happier times – 2008

I think CAMRA’s comments are spot on in the Echo article – Tony Morgan, from the Liverpool branch of real ale society CAMRA, told the ECHO that the sale of cheap beer in supermarkets and a loop hole in planning law had contributed to the closure of so many pubs across south Sefton.

We will continue to lose pubs at a rate of knots if planning rules are not updated to afford some kind of protection for pubs. Pubco’s, who own many licensed premises, are in my view property development companies. Once the land becomes more valuable in a different use they will pursue that alternative. One day there will be few pubs left because as a society we have sat back and watched their demise whilst wringing our hands saying ‘oh that’s sad another local pub has gone’.