The Windrush Generation – Some of them are being treated appallingly

In recent times I see my country acting in ways that make me deeply ashamed of it and this is another sad and worrying example of us turning on our own people as the powers that be seek out scapegoats for our increasingly everyday racism.

Channel 4 has the story on its web site – see link above

What really gets me about this is that instead of regularising the paperwork each time one of these seemingly unregistered (and there could be 50,000 of them!) cases comes to the surface some of the poor people involved have been locked up. That’s no way to treat people we invited to our country no matter how or why the law was changed regarding them in 1971. They are British and should be helped to resolve any paperwork issues from generations ago without the need for them to be locked up and threatened with deportation.

If we can be so intolerant towards our own people what on earth does it show about how we are treating modern day refugees! What on earth are we coming to in Brexit Britain?

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Oh to hear Donna Symmonds again on Test Match Special

I love listening to Test Match Special on the radio and in the days when test match cricket was available live on free-to-view TV I would turn off the sound on the TV and replace it with the Test Match Special commentary. I guess this was something many cricket lovers did and maybe those who still watch live test match cricket via pay-to-view channels still do it now.

This year the visiting teams were South Africa and the West Indies and a great summer of Test cricket it has proved to be. But I have one lingering disappointment/question that I can’t get out of my head – whatever happened to that wonderful Barbadian female cricket commentator Donna Symmonds?

Each time the West Indies appear over here or indeed England play in the Caribbean I hope that Donna will reappear on Test Match Special but it has not happened in a long time now. Indeed, I checked and it’s longer than I thought.

According to Wikipedia Symmonds was invited by the BBC to join the Test Match Special team during the 1998 England tour of the West Indies, making her the first female TMS commentator. She also provided commentary for the 1999 Cricket World Cup and the 2000 West Indian tour of England as part of the TMS team.

Thankfully quite a number of female cricket commentators are coming through on TMS these days – Isa Guha, Alison Michell and Ebony Rainford-Brent come to mind – but no Donna Symmonds again.

Maybe it was her honeyed Barbadian accent akin to the great and sadly missed Barbadian commentator Tony Cozier? I don’t know but it would be great to hear her once again – maybe next time TMS follows the England Team to the Caribbean?