Acessing the Port of Liverpool – Westminster Hall debate 19th April

My last posting on this subject for a while I promise

Above is a link to the Westminster Hall debate that I mentioned in my last posting. It makes interesting reading although the inaction of Sefton Council in recent years does not get the prominence that their sit back and watch/sit on the fence approach deserves!

And here is a link to the Liverpool Echo’s take on the debate:-

I get the feeling that the powers that be are actually really on board with a road ‘solution’ and that working up a credible and maximum rail solution is not on the agenda. I am with Peter Dowd here as the process needs to one of putting the maximum amount of freight on rail and only then considering the what needs to be done to improve the roads to and from the docks to Switch Island. The way we are going though it will be the maximum amount of freight by road and a token rail effort!

I still think Sefton Council should be driving this forward because as far as I can see they are just sitting back waiting to blame everyone else when they, in my view, are at fault for not bringing all the agencies together.