Maghull – Downed trees at Central Square – Why?

I must admit to being shocked when I saw the felled trees yesterday at the junction of Liverpool Road Noth/Westway as they were a useful screen to the car park and buildings behind them. This is the scene I happened upon:-

Of course, it could be that the reason for the felling has passed me by and others know what it’s all about; I just happened to walk up Liverpool Road Road North on Sunday afternoon and saw this scene.

Thinking back to my days as a Sefton Councillor representing Maghull my memory is that when the previous owners of the Square created the car park on the land at the side of the former HSBC Bank that the trees which have now been felled were deliberately left in place to provide screening. It may even be the case that this was all part of the planning application/approval for the site to become a car park.

I’m a fully paid up tree hugger so any trees being felled upsets me. I would love to know what the felling is all about and why it was considered necessary. Presently, I look upon the scene as environmental vandalism!

Maghull – Home & Bargain and me

I read in the Champion newspaper (14th September edition) that I ‘believe’ that the Maghull branch of Home & Bargains will expand into the soon to be become vacant HSBC bank unit next door to it.

I think something got lost in the translation so to clarify, I already know that Home & Bargains is due to move itself off Westway and into the ‘Square’ itself. I am told this is planned for 12 to 18 months time and that they will take over some vacant units that will be knocked together.

However, on hearing the news about HSBC closing its Maghull Branch (which came out only days after H&B news popped out) I speculated that Home and Bargains may now not need to move as they could, as an alternative, simply expand into the HSBC units.

So it’s not that I ‘believe’ this alternative will happen, its just that it may be considered. Having said that no one really thinks much will happen at the Square anyway and the owners have a lot to do to convince locals that they really are going to do it up and bring in major national retailers.

Maghull, Lydiate & Melling – Canal scenes along our stretch of the Leeds Liverpool – Posting 2

My second posting of random photos taken along the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Maghull, Lydiate and this time Melling as well:-

Looking north from the Waddicar Lane road bridge through Melling.

Looking north from the Waddicar Lane road bridge through Melling.

A Maghull scene between the Green Lane and Westway road bridges. I did not note the name of the narrow boat.

A Maghull scene between the Green Lane and Westway road bridges. I did not note the name of the narrow boat.

Boats at Mersey Motor Boat Club in Lydiate.

Boats at Mersey Motor Boat Club in Lydiate.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Posting 3 on this theme will follow in due course.

The 2nd photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

Maghull Square Shopping Centre – It’s not well thought of!

I got involved in some Facebook exchanges yesterday with folks who are concerned about the state of Maghull’s Shopping Centre, at least that part of it to the north of Westway.

This is Maghull Square in the 1970's but the buildings are as was. It was built in the 1960's. Photographer unknown.

This is Maghull Square in the 1970’s but the buildings are as was. It was built in the 1960’s. Photographer unknown.

It certainly is run down now despite the valiant efforts of the Maghull in Bloom volunteers whom Sheila and I have recently joined.

I suppose there are two major issues – the quality and diversity of the shops and the condition of buildings and car parks.

Around the back of the ‘Square’ and the rear of the shops along Westway the car parks are rutted and the backs of the shop units look very neglected. What’s more the flats above the shops (which are accessed from the rear car parks) are let out and those living in them deserve a better outlook and much improved maintenance.

The previous owners (The Maghull Group) did have plans for major refurbishments and rebuilding and I recall that they got planning permission for that work. Trouble is they then ran into the recession caused by our dodgy bankers and politicians who spent more than we had. So, no progress was made despite great optimism at the time the upgrading was being promoted a few years ago.

Now things have deteriorated further and the property has been sold on. The challenge for the new owners is to breath some life into the Square before it slides any further. That may not be an easy task but it is certainly becoming an urgent one.

The new managing agents are London and Cambridge Properties. They also have a big property interest the other side of the shopping centre south of Westway (the more modern ‘Morrisons’ side) so it would seem to be in their interests to get the whole of it pointing in the right direction sooner than later so to speak.