Green Bin Tax – The ‘deferred’ Sefton charge will be £46!

Green charges a ‘stealth tax’

The Sunday Express examines the growing trend of councils charging for collecting grass and hedge cuttings from homes, a move condemned by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and public spending watchdogs. A £35 charge on garden waste collections in Birmingham has resulted in an increase in fly-tipping.

Cllr. Bruce Hubbard with his petition against Labour's £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households.

Cllr. Bruce Hubbard with his petition against Labour’s £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households.

Today’s Sunday Express, Page: 5

The proposed charge for Sefton from its Labour rulers was £46 but then in the face of two by-election losses to the Lib Dems in Maghull last summer they backed off. It was only some detailed investigations by the Lib Dems that revealed that the charge had merely been ‘deferred’ rather than scrapped so it could well return any day!

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.

Green Bin Tax – Has Labour run Sefton come unstuck with their attempted back door Council tax rise?

Following Lib Dem campaigning which highlighted what we all knew already i.e. that folks will not be ‘volunteering’ to pay Labour’s back door Council tax rise, it seems that the comrades are sounding the retreat and looking for a way out.


Frankly, why Labour ever thought residents would pay to have their green bins emptied beats me. What’s more whilst the comrades on the cabinet that runs Sefton are all from Bootle, where there are fewer gardens, the biggest losers under the plan would be communities like Maghull where many houses have big gardens. Sudell Ward (North and East Maghull) for example was going to feel the hit of Labour’s green bin tax as would the two Formby wards and indeed virtually all the wards outside of Bootle.

This all makes you think that the myopia of looking at things from a Bootle only perspective leads the comrades into not seeing the bigger picture.

We await some firm proposals from Labour run Sefton to confirm that they really are ditching their garden tax but to date the Lib Dem campaigning has certainly given them a lot to think about; indeed Labour’s lawn really has been given a low cut!